This award is presented for outstanding service to the snow sport industry in Maine, exemplifying the same dedication to the sport and the Penobscot Valley Ski Club demonstrated over the years by Bob and Cindy Dunlap, dedicated members of the PVSC. The nomination form can be found here: Award Nomination Form

2006 – “Slim” Melvin, Kirk Fitts

2007 – Bill & Marlene Whitcomb, Hermon Mountain of Maine

2008 – Ron Olson, Doug Bears, Richard Judd

2009 – Annette Nelligan, Gil Roderick, Peter Millard, Chris Dorion

2010 – Mary Knowlton, Dave Gauvin, Pat Bears

2011 – Dan & Gretchen Gagnon, Sally Burke

2012 – Daniel Perkins, Emily Cartwright, Barbara Boone & Tom Belanger

2013 – Rocky & Betsy Rockwell

2014 – Susan Lancaster, Lindsay Hodgman, Mike McLeod, Jim Rose

2015 – Amy Van Kirk, Dan Cassidy

2016- Ian Gillis, Peter & Cynthia Buzzini

2017 - Lauren Jacobs

2018 - Barbe & Ken Miller, Steve & Amy Lane from Friends of Squaw Mountain